Residential Design Services Include:

  • Interview and surveying your current living situation
  • Space planning based on how you live and interact
  • Design Development utilizing the materials, colors and furniture that will best serve the aesthetics, lifestyle and function for you in your home
  • Pricing, Construction and Permit documents
  • Purchasing of furniture, accessories and fine art
  • Coordination of consultants and contractors

Corporate Design Services Include:

  • Interview and surveying your current work environment(s)
  • Assessing the new or existing space for remodel or renovation
  • "Fit Plans" prior to signing a lease to be sure you fit and to assist in negotiation of your lease
  • Space planning
  • Design development
  • Pricing, Construction and Design Documents
  • Budget analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Furniture and workstation selection, specification and coordination
  • Project management between client, contractors, architects, furniture dealers, and landlords
  • Move Coordination -- assist in move plans, tagging for moves, selection of mover, resale and / or purge of existing furniture