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Woodside Residence - Red Master Bedroom

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Master Bedroom

Ways to Improve Your Master Bedroom –

Spruce up the overall appearance of your master bedroom with a few easy updates.

1) The Rug

-Make sure the rug will be under your feet around the bed so you have a warm soft place for your toes.

Designed by Brooke Davenport

2) Throw Pillows

Playing with texture, color, and size but start with a large Euro Size so you have something to rest up against when reading or watching TV.

3) Bedside Lamps and night stands

-Height of the lamp should be dictated by the height of the mattress and nightstand. One of my pet peeves is when people use too small and low of a night stand. You want your nightstand to be at least the height of the top of your mattress. I prefer even an inch or two higher. This way you can see your clock and easily reach your book, etc. Also if you have a king size bed and tiny nightstands the room looks out of scale.

4) Frame the Bed

-Frame the bed with a statement headboard. Doing an upholstered headboard give you something soft to lean against.

-If using an upholstered headboard, try using a print to make it a focal point! Tone down the duvet and quilts to just textures.

5) Soothing Wall Color

-Choosing the right color scheme for your bedroom with help you get a good night’s sleep and have an instant calming effect.  I suggest soft/greyed out greens, blues and taupes.

-Try avoiding primary bold colors – over-stimulating and harder to relax. They’re also too juvenile for a master bedroom.